TVÍSTIRNI is the translation agency you can trust for translations, multilingual websites and publications in electronic form.
With over 16 years of experience in the sector, Tvístirni is the partner you can trust.
Tvístirni works in close collaboration with qualified experts to guarantee quality service to their clients.
Tools and skills for financial, legal and commercial translations.

(Definitions, descriptions and prices of services)

General translations

All translations of general texts that do not contain technical or specialized terminology.

Specialized translations

Any translation of specialized text containing vocabulary and terminology that may be considered to be beyond the general knowledge of translators (ie, complex technical text and comparable).

General translations (minimum rate)  50,00
General translations (longer text, price charged per hour) 73,00/h
Specialized translations (minimum rate) 65,00
Specialized translations (longer text, price charged per hour) 73,00/h
prices in Euros not inclusive of VAT

Sworn translations from Icelandic to Italian

Translation of specialized or generical text from Icelandic into Italian certified by a sworn translator and thus be equivalent to the original document.

General translations, short certificate, e.g. Birth certificate, marriage certificate, criminal certificate, certificate of marital status, school certificate, etc. (minimum rate) 73.00
General translations, certificates (longer text, price per hour) 73.00 / h
Specialized translations (minimum fee, eg legal texts, medical texts, other specialized texts) 100.00
Specialized translations (longer text, price per hour) 73.00 / h
Euro prices not inclusive of VAT

Priority services

Translations that require priority or need to be returned within a time limit that is considered to be narrower than generally required.

Return format

Tvístirni delivers a complete proofread text in digital form or in printed form by agreement each time.

Types of content you can get translated

  • HTML (.HTML)
  • Microsoft Word (.DOC/.DOCX)
  • Adobe (.Pdf)
  • Plain Text (.TXT)
  • Rich Text (.RTF)
  • AdWords Editor Archive (.AEA)
  • AdWords Editor Share (.AES)

Additional Services: A surcharge will be added to the price for translation

Quick Check-out 50% of the translation price
Shipping costs - surcharge 5.00 + cf. Post rates
Certification of the translation by the competent authority 30.00 + Fiscal stamps
Legalization (Apostille) 30.00
Euro prices not inclusive of VAT

Translation Memory

To ensure consistency and quality in the translation, we use a specialized database of translation memories (i.e. SDL Trados Studio).
If the translation memory is used in the project, the price is calculated according to the following proportions:

  • No matches 100%
  • 50-84% matches: 100%
  • 85-99% matches: 50%
  • 100% matches: 25%

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